How to choose fish oil pills?

Fish oil pills is one of the most common supplement in U.S. market. You can easily find the fish oil bottles in supermarket, or supplement stores. Most of the supplement manufacturers have the fish oil product lines as people already know that they can gain a lot of benefits of fish oil from these supplements. For example, if people take a daily dose of fish oil about 250 mg to 300 mg of EPA and DHA which had been suggested by professionals that will be helpful for the diseases as below:

>Cardiovascular system, especially if anyone has the potential risk of heart stroke and heart attack.

>Someone has the dry eyes, then taking fish oil pills definitely will help on it, and from one of the big scale study of AREDS – Age-related Eye Disease Study. The subjects who took the highest dose of fish oil (EPA+DHA) will have a less 30% risk of developing diseases of retina compared to those in lowest intake groups.

>Taking a high dose, more than 2,500 mg of EPA and DHA showed a relieving symptom of depression about 40% of the older women can be observed this benefit compared to placebo group.

Taking fish oil pills also have other benefits for human’s health beside of above, such as cancer prevention, arthritis, benefits for pregnant women and so on.

Here is some of the purchasing tips before you buy the fish oil pills in supplement store, or online shop such as Costco, Amazon, Vitacost, iHerb, Walgreens, and GNC, etc.

Tip #1

Natural form of triglyceride has a more absorption rate than ethyl ester form. Actually, the ethyl ester is the most popular form in the market, as it is more cheap in cost and more simple in manufacturing process. Let us give you some example of fish oil pills which are common in the supplement market.

From Costco:

Kirkland Signature™ Wild Alaskan Fish Oil 1,400 mg., 230 Softgels – It is in natural triglyceride form, and contains Omega3,5,6,7,9,11 which are wild Alaskan Pollock, salmon and cod fish from north Pacific ocean. However, the EPA 185 mg and DHA 85 mg in one capsule is a little bit low. If you want to see any benefit of fish oil pills, you may have to take the double dose in one day.

trunature® Triple Strength Omega-3, 150 Softgels – It is in ethyl ester form, contains 647 mg EPA,and 253 mg DHA, that could be helpful for high blood pressure.

Tip #2

Wild caught fish has a less DHA and EPA than farmed fish from one USDA report, while the vitamin D in wild caught fish is higher. But according one research in Scotland, the EPA+DHA dose in 100 g of farmed salmon were dropping dramatically, from 2,740 mg in 2006, now it is 1,360 mg in 2015. The reason for this decreasing dose is that the small fish fed to the salmon were replaced with vegetable source.

Another concern for formed fish is that the GMO salmon which have been approved by FDA, although it has been banned for importing currently.

Hope you can find the best fish oil pills if you review the tips mentioned above. Let us know if you have shopping experience or the beneficial results after intake of these pills.